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April sees the publication of CITA#49 that features an expanded ‘bonus overspill reviews’ section with 18 “extra” items.  There was just so much to squeeze in.  These include my own Jaco Pastorius’ mammoth piece.  Death can be a good career move, in that the public’s thirst for more music means that a musician’s stock rises.  Sad that they are no longer around to enjoy their moment in the sunshine!  In the world of the internet, very little remains obscure for very long – for good and bad.

Before the 21st century democratised access to music, though, it was all too commonplace for a talented artist to die in obscurity.  Perhaps, in some ways, that's a good thing – they never had to face the intense scrutiny, intrusion and expectations that come with fame – but it's also kind of heartbreaking that some of the most beloved musicians of all time will never know just how beloved they became.  Here's to them. 

Both our celebratory #50 and special themed #51 issues only await a couple of items for completion, at which point they will be placed on the runway awaiting publication.

2018 CITA schedule:

Apr    #49 – quarterly magazine

Jul     #50 – quarterly magazine

Aug    #51 – special themed issue

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