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 vintage Southampton music
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each recording converted to MP3 from various sources

The following mp3 files were all originally collected by STICK IT IN YOUR EAR TAPES.
The PLEASURE BEYOND MEASURE TAPES catalogue consists of recordings made by local bands and individuals etc.
All rights remain with the original artists.
Southampton has always boasted an incredibly diverse and prolific local music scene, but lacking any major commercial success or identifiable sound, the spotlight has fallen elsewhere.  As a consequence, far too many bands have shone for a few glorious moments, only to disappear and become a faded memory.  SIIYE now hosts a platform dedicated to these long-lost local musical orphans and outcasts.
PBM  1PBM  001
Exploding Seagulls
Sound Conception Studio 1979-1980
@ Sound Conception Studio, Bristol - 1979-1980
Band info
PBM  2PBM  002
Games To Avoid
Palindromes at the Victory  
@ The Victory pub, Southampton - Feb 1981
Band info
PBM  3PBM  003
The Convertibles
Live at The Victory
@ The Victory pub, Southampton - Dec 1980
Band info
PBM  4PBM  004
Paul Blatchford
Hoglands Park CND Festival – backing tape
@ SIIYE HQ, Southampton - 1982
Band info
PBM  5PBM  005
The Poor Batchelors
Corn – Alternative Mixes
@ SIIYE HQ, Southampton - 1983
Band info
PBM  6PBM  006
The Poor Batchelors
Alan McGee
@ Asylum Green Studio, Southampton - 1986
Band info
PBM  7PBM  007
Another Ambition Outtakes
@ Avenue Studio, Southampton - Feb & May 1982
Band info
PBM  8PBM  008
Dogged About Time
@ The Joiners pub, Southampton  - May 1985
Band info
PBM 9PBM  009
New Ways Up
@ Fret Studio, Southampton  - Jan 1984
Band info
PBM 10PBM  010
Bruce Roberts
"The SIIYE Demos"
@ Stevo's Rehearsal Room - Jul 1985
Band info
PBM 11PBM  011
Bruce Roberts and Darrell Edwards 
Bruce Roberts and Darrell Edwards Demos
Band info
PBM 12PBM  012
Fester and the Vomits
Blue Vomit
@ P. & F. Recording Studios, Southampton
Band info
PBM 13PBM  013
Various Artists
You, The Mouth & The Music: A Very Mouth Compilation
Band info
PBM 14PBM  014
The Megastars
A Million Stars
@ STAC, Latimer Street, Southampton
Band info
PBM 15PBM  015
The Underdogs & Lip Moves
The Underdogs to GTA
Band info
PBM 16PBM  016
Games to Avoid
 Hollywood Daze
@ Radio Solent, Live at Southampton University
Band info
PBM 17PBM  017
The New Convertibles
Geoff's 32nd Birthday Bash (1)
@ The Joiners, Southampton,  Aug 1983.
Band info
PBM 18PBM  018
Chris and Bernie Garrett
Geoff's 32nd Birthday Bash (2)
@ The Joiners, Southampton,  Aug 1983
Band info
PBM 19PBM  019
John Elliott
Geoff's 32nd Birthday Bash (3)
@ The Joiners, Southampton,  Aug 1983
Band info
PBM 20PBM  020
Nick Petford
Geoff's 32nd Birthday Bash (4)
@ The Joiners, Southampton,  Aug 1983
Band info
PBM 20PBM  021
Strange Fruit 
@ Trev Cummins rehearsal space,Swaything, Southampton - 1973
Band info
PBM 20PBM  022
Fatz Dinosaur
The Impossible Fatz Diaosaur
@ Avenue Studio, Southampton - 1987
Band info
PBM 20PBM  023
Sunflower at the Bent Brief
@ The Bent Brief pub, Southampton - circa 2014
Band info
PBM 20PBM  024
Big Brother
@ Kingsland Hall, Southampton - Jun 13, 1980
Band info
PBM 20PBM  025
Rox Off
@ Joiners Arms, Southampton - Jan 22 & 23, 1982
Band info
PBM 20PBM  026
Rick Brown
Stand By Me
@ Sound On Sound Studios - Mar 1993
Band info